Maple Tree’s Annual Giving Campaign is November 9-22, 2020

Every week, Maple Tree serves over 900 cancer patients by offering free exercise and nutrition programs. We understand that cancer can cause tremendous financial stress, which is why we never charge patients for our services. Money shouldn’t prevent anyone from adopting a healthy lifestyle, especially during a time when healthy habits matter the most! 

You can support our mission by contributing to our annual giving campaign, either by donating or becoming a sponsor. This is the second year we will be hosting a virtual campaign rather than an in-person event. This minimizes our fundraising expenses so that $0.95 cents of every dollar donated directly benefits our patients! The virtual campaign also allows you to support us from the comfort of your own home. If there is anything that cancer has taught us, it is that time spent with loved ones is never wasted! 

Thank you so much for considering how you can support Maple Tree Cancer Alliance. Your support makes it possible for us to help improve the quality of life for people battling cancer.