by Kaleb Holbrook

Testimonial alert! Here at Maple Tree, we want nothing but the best experience and improvements for our patients. One way we can ensure this is by providing our patients with testimonial surveys to fill out. In the spotlight today is Katie, from our Troy location. Katie is married with two boys that are in middle school. She enjoys social interaction, a good cup of coffee, hiking in the woods, and writing. Katie loves her small town and supports local businesses. Katie feels most alive helping others in any way she can.

Katie’s cancer journey began 24 years ago when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After that experience, she could not imagine battling cancer again. In November of 2019, Katie was diagnosed with stage 1, triple-positive breast cancer. This diagnosis led to another surgery and more chemotherapy and radiation, lasting for one long year. She said she has extraordinary care and support, making it easier to take one day at a time. 

Katie first learned about Maple Tree through another non-profit organization, Pink Ribbon Girls, in Troy, Ohio. This wonderful organization helps individuals that have been diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer. Struggling in recovery from chemotherapy and radiation, her oncologist suggested Maple Tree. Soon after her referral, she started at our Troy location in May. 

Since starting at Maple Tree, Katie has seen tremendous improvement in her strength, endurance, and mobility, making the recovery process more comfortable. After asking her about our program, she said, “Maple Tree has been great! It really helped me have tangible, practical ways to exercise.” She also mentioned, “This gave me the motivation to take the time to exercise and focus on healing and recovery. The exercises helped with some aches and pains I had from treatment.”

Katie has finished one 12-week phase at Maple Tree Cancer Alliance and has seen the following improvements:

  1. – 20.36% in body fat
  2. + 20.5% in muscular strength
  3. + 46% in cardiovascular fitness
  4. + 115.4% in muscular endurance
  5. + 46% in flexibility

Katie recommends our program because it is not overwhelming but doable and incremental. She highlighted that we provide tailored exercise programs specifically designed for the challenges that individuals diagnosed with cancer face. Here at Maple Tree, we LOVE to help our patients accomplish their goals and progress! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, we encourage them to check out our website ( 

“It is worth the time and is an incredible resource. I am so grateful I have experienced the benefits of Maple Tree. It has truly made a difference for me.” – Katie.