Program Description

Since it began in 2011, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has established a proven and effective system of exercise oncology and is recognized as the leading authority in this field.

In our Community Partners program, we are partnering with fitness centers to provide exercise training to cancer survivors. Our partnership involves:

Training and certification of partnering fitness center staff through the MTCA Exercise Oncology Instructor Certification program

License to use our internationally-acclaimed evidence-based system of exercise oncology

Access to the MTCA Operations Manual and System of Exercise

Development of referral pathways from our clinical locations to partnering fitness center

Quality care metrics for data collecting

MTCA branding and marketing materials

Program templates to assist fitness center staff in exercise program development specific to tumor site and side effects

On-going education and support from the MTCA Leadership Team

Coming Soon—Access to our comprehensive, on-demand library of curated, cancer-specific exercise videos

Together, we will provide comprehensive supportive care to all who battle cancer and establish best practice guidelines for exercise oncology.

How to Become a Licensee

If you have questions regarding our Community Partners program, we would love to hear from you—please contact us for more information.

Fee Structure:

$2,000—Includes access to the MTCA Exercise Oncology Instructor textbook and online study videos, and EOI certification for up to 4 trainers at partnering fitness center.

$150/month*—Includes access to MTCA Operations Manual and System of Exercise, ongoing continuing education, MTCA branding and marketing materials, and ongoing support and guidance from the MTCA Leadership Team.

*minimum one-year agreement required

“I believe that exercise and the Maple Tree program contributed to my recovery—and I would recommend it to every cancer patient who is challenged with treatment and medication side effects.”

Lisa, Ohio

“The Maple Tree exercise oncology program made me realize that exercise is not only a crucial part of my recovery—but it’s also an ongoing part of self-care that has enhanced the rest of my life.”

Diane, California

“With Maple Tree, I have slowly and carefully strengthened my muscles—it’s been exciting to see the muscle development and definition I haven’t seen in years! I recommend the Maple Tree program to everyone I talk to!”

Susan, Ohio

“The Maple Tree program helped me to increase my range of motion, flexibility, and strength. Participating in the weekly class motivated me to explore other exercise programs such as swimming, biking, and Muay Thai kickboxing. I highly recommend the Maple Tree program to any cancer survivors who wish to work towards their fitness goals.”

Roxanne, Florida