Exercise is Medicine. We say it all the time. I believe it to be true. In fact, I believe it so strongly, that it is what we have based our entire exercise program at Maple Tree on.

 Chances are, you have seen us throw around this phrase on social media. It’s a great little hashtag we like to add to the end of our posts from time to time. 

Maybe you’ve even “liked” a few of these posts.

But. What does it actually mean?

Does “Exercise is Medicine” mean that we advocate you ignore all other medicines? Say goodbye to chemotherapy? Throw away your maintenance medications? Just join your neighborhood gym and call it a day?

Hear me when I say this. 


The phrase “Exercise is Medicine” doesn’t mean that exercise is the ONLY medicine. It means that exercise can be used to help mitigate the side effects of your cancer treatments….like medicine can!

It’s actually true! 

I’ll prove it.

What’s the number one side effect experienced by cancer patients? 


At least 95% of patients experience it. It is debilitating. It is a whole-body, activity-limiting, quality-of-life diminishing fatigue.

My grandfather experienced it when he had cancer. Even eating scrambled eggs were exhausting for him.

Sure, there are medicines you can take to help reduce fatigue. But what are the side effects of these medicines? What is the cost?

Did you know that, exercise can also reduce fatigue levels! Just 10 minutes of moving your body can improve your energy significantly!! 

Guess what? There are ZERO side effects!!

Oh, and you can do it for FREE!

In other words, exercise is medicine!

What about muscle weakness? 

This is a common side effect of radiation therapy. 

My research advisor in my doctoral program experienced this when she was in treatment for cervical cancer. It got so bad that she lost the ability to open jars. She no longer had the freedom to cook for herself! 

Of course, as we know, exercise can help you BUILD muscle! On average, our patients see an 18% increase in muscular strength! 

That’s not all!

Exercise helps improve your immunity, cardiac function, pulmonary function, sleep, mood, functional ability, quality of life, pain tolerance, psychological health, bone density, nerve function, lymphatic system, balance, posture, brain health….The list is endless. 

One of my goals is to use Maple Tree as a platform to get people – just like you – moving!

One way I want to do that is by teaching you that exercise can help you manage any treatment-related problem you are experiencing. 

Just give it a try. Give me 5 minutes of movement, and I bet I can convince you that Exercise truly is Medicine!

To help you get started, we have started a YouTube channel with several different exercise videos you can follow along with – from the comfort and safety of your own home. It is free and easy, and my hope is that it will help you!

In addition, we are also giving away memberships to all of our online programs for FREE right now – simply add the code “FREEFORALL” at the checkout. 

Finally, if we are currently serving in an area where you live, come and check out our programs for yourself! If we are not yet where you live, ask your oncologist to consider adding our services to their service line for oncology patients!

After all, exercise is medicine. Together, let’s start a movement. An Exercise Movement!!