The foods we choose to eat dramatically influence our health. Your diet is a contributor to your body’s internal environment and our food choices really do matter.

Study after study suggest a diet with an emphasis on plant foods – one that is rich in a variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes (beans) and less meat/animal foods can help fight cancer. When the majority of our diet is from foods coming from a plant over those that are processed in a plant then we are consuming more fiber, vitamins, minerals and powerful plant compounds.

This is placing emphasis on whole-real plant foods.

If you think working in more plant foods into the diet is daunting, you are not alone.

Here are 5 simple food swaps to incorporate more plant foods into the diet:

Consider replacing ….

  • Mayonnaise with a mashed avocado. Could always add a little lemon juice + sea salt to easily create a creamy binder
  • Regular pasta with spiralized zucchini
  • Croutons with pumpkin seeds or sliced almonds
  • Bread with a lettuce wrap or a portabella mushroom
  • Pizza crust with cauliflower crust

Now that wasn’t too hard!

Come and learn more strategies on using your kitchen and fork to help fight cancer.

Maple Tree offers a monthly class called Harnessing The Power of The Diet To Help Fight Cancer. This free class is offered the second Monday of the month, 1-2 pm at Kettering Cancer Center in their first floor classroom.

Hope you can join us!

Be Well,

Allison Dunaway RDN
Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist