by Rachel Casey

Are you someone that has such a busy schedule that you often feel like you have no time for a workout? There are a few beautiful things about workouts. First, you can do a workout with little to no equipment. Second, you can do a workout just about anywhere! 

Lunch breaks are great times to get exercise in. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood, so if you feel like you are struggling during the day, take a short break to do some sort of exercise. 

There are some great options for workouts. Exercise bands are always great tools to have because they are easy to transport and can be used to have a great workout. If you don’t have bands, you can still have an effective workout just doing bodyweight exercises!

Here are some great bodyweight exercises that are simple and easy for a lunchtime workout, but that can also be made harder if it is needed. 

  • Squats
    • Easy: Sit to Stands
    • Moderate: Bodyweight Squats
    • Hard: Weighted/Banded Squats or Jump Squats
      • There are so many progressions of squats and are harder versions that can be done as well!
  • Push Ups
    • Easy: Wall Push Ups
    • Moderate: Modified Push Ups (using the knees)
    • Hard: Full Push Up
  • Planks
    • Easy: Wall Plank or Incline Plank
    • Moderate: Floor Plank
    • Hard: Side Plank or Plank Jacks

These are just some of the exercises that can be done without equipment or with very little equipment. Other great options can be as simple as walking, climbing the stairs, and even stretching. Find some exercises that you love and give them a try at lunch time. You might even be surprised how much better you will feel!