Raise your hand if the thought of doing anything related to technology intimidates you……


Chances are, you just looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then maybe….just maybe….you raised a little finger or two. Just enough to show agreement, but not enough to let anyone else know!!


I hear ya.


I, too, struggle with technology. A few years back, we were encouraged at Wright State (where I work as a professor) to move some of our classes online. If we did so, it came with a nice incentive. So nice, in fact, that I figured out I could use the extra income as seed money to start Maple Tree!


Although I was highly motivated to learn how to develop an online class….I was soooooo intimidated! It was so far out of my comfort zone that I procrastinated this project as long as I possibly could.


Finally, I could put it off no longer. I had no choice but to venture into the daunting world of online classes.


Turns out, it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.


Oh, there were days when I wanted to pull my hair out. Times I spent hours (or at least what felt like hours, anyway) online with tech support figuring out how to do things like update software and disable cookies.


But in the eight years since, I have taught a countless number of online courses. I have also participated as a student in several others.


I have learned to embrace the technology piece because I understand that the benefits FAR outweigh the headaches.


Online programs allow me to work at my own pace, yet still hold me accountable.


They provide me with access to information I would not otherwise be able to reach – either due to distance, or time, or money.


Finally, it helps me feel as though I am a part of a community when I am in a class with other like-minded individuals.


This is why all year long, we have been working hard at Maple Tree to update and improve our online programs for you!


Lets face it, research strongly supports that adopting a healthy lifestyle during cancer recovery can significantly improve your quality of life and treatment outcome. However, putting these practices into place can be overwhelming!


That is why we have created some tools and resources that can make it easier than ever to reach your health and wellness goals.


The first option available to you is our 4-week weight loss program, Survivor Strong!

Many patients experience significant weight gain during and after treatment for cancer, sometimes gaining as much as 25 pounds during treatment. This can have negative implications during recovery from cancer, including:

    • increased risk of cancer mortality
    • less favorable lymph node status and/or lymphedema
    • increased risk of heart disease and diabetes

But, with a solid nutrition plan and effective exercise program, cancer survivors can lose weight, get fit and feel stronger and more energized through their treatment and after treatment.

Patients who participate in this program are given access to a 4-week custom workout plan that can be done either at home or at the gym. In addition, they are given a sample 4-week meal plan, complete with macro information, which will help them maximize their weight loss and optimize hormone output.


To learn more about Survivor Strong, simply click this link!



After a round of Survivor Strong, many patients join us for our VIP Membership program. This program is just $7/month, or $70 annually. It provides you access to practical, simple, and delicious recipes to help you incorporate clean eating, plant-based foods into your diet.

These recipes are subdivided according to the common symptoms experienced during cancer treatment, to help you manage their severity with the healing power of food!

We also include custom workouts with guidelines that will fit any stage of cancer and carry you well into remission, healthy eating tips and tricks, as well as access to our Cancer Fighting Eating Plan!

If you would like to learn more about the VIP Membership program, simply click this link. To join, you do not have had to have gone through a previous program of ours, and you do not have to be a current patient!

I understand, the thought of participating in an online course may sound like it is so far out of your comfort zone. But I promise that we will be there to help guide you, every step of the way! A year from now, you will be so glad you gave it a try!