by Rachel Casey

Here at Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, we are always so proud of all that our patients accomplish. We are able to teach them how to incorporate exercise safely into their cancer treatment journey. We can see them make great strides in their health and quality of life as they progress. Each person has their own unique story and hurdles to overcome, and we are blessed to be a part of their cancer journey. So, OF COURSE we want to brag about them!

Jennifer has been with Maple Tree for a little over a year, and has improved so much since then. Her stats since starting with MTCA are as follows:

  • + 12% in muscular strength on the right side
  • + 14% in muscular strength on the left side
  • +227% in muscular endurance
  • +16% in flexibility

Apart from the stats, she has accomplished even more. Since we tailor the programs to individuals, we focused on increasing steps and overall walking. Each week, we checked in to see if she was staying as active as the week before with her steps or if she was doing better than the previous week. She became consistent with making sure she took the time during the day to exercise and work on her health. She has become much more active than when she first started, but also much more motivated to put in the hard work that is needed to help ensure her health improved. 

She is very active with her family. From Fitbit challenges to spending the day being active at her son’s sporting events, her husband and son have been very supportive and a great motivation for her. We are so proud of all that she has accomplished, and we look forward to seeing her future accomplishments as well!

Jennifer had this to say about our program:

“I have been with MTCA for almost a year now.  I was a bit hesitant to start a new workout plan immediately following my chemo/radiation.  My trainer, Rachel, put me at ease right away. The program has been such a blessing. The weekly check-ins and workouts are so beneficial, not only physically, but also mentally.  She tailors my homework to meet my needs and provides detailed instructions on any new moves.  I appreciate that we work together to ensure I reach my goals. It is a great program, and she is one of the best!”  

She even had some advice for those that have not worked with us yet, or that might be a little nervous to start an exercise program. 

“My advice is don’t wait until you are done with treatment, connect with a trainer as soon as you receive your diagnosis, workouts can be adjusted accordingly, it is best to keep moving.  Many thanks to Maple Tree and to Rachel.”

Thank you for letting us serve you, Jennifer!

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