Survivor Strong Weight Loss Group + 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge Bundle


4-week online weight loss group + 10 Day Plant-Based Challenge written by Dr. Karen Wonders.

All proceeds benefit Maple Tree Cancer Alliance®.

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Survivor Strong Weight Loss Group

Many women experience significant weight gain during and after treatment for hormone driven cancer, some gaining as much as 25 pounds during treatment. This can have negative implications during recovery from cancer, including:

    • increased risk of cancer mortality
    • less favorable lymph node status and/or lymphedema
    • increased risk of heart disease and diabetes

But, with a solid nutrition plan and effective exercise program, cancer patients and survivors can lose weight, get fit and feel stronger and more energized through their treatment and after treatment.

Because there are some things to consider during and after cancer treatment that may not be a part of normal weight loss programs, Maple Tree has designed a program tailored to those who have fought or are fighting cancer.

The Cancer Weight Loss Program will be a 4 week online program. Participants will receive:

  • A 4 week workout plan that can be done at the gym or at home
  • Nutritional guidelines that not only maximize weight loss, but optimize hormone output
  • A supportive community that understands your struggles and encourages you to keep pushing through

Weight loss during or after cancer doesn’t have to be as difficult or complicated as you might think. With a solid combination of nutrition and exercise, you can reach your weight loss goal, and improve your rate of recovery and overall quality of life.

Our program makes this process as simple as possible so that you can live life and not stress about what you eat! We are committed to helping you live your life in a truly healthy, confident way.

The cost of this 4 week program is only $40 because we want to make it doable for any woman going through cancer treatment or coming out of it. This program is designed by our certified trainers and dietitians to ensure that you lose the weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

We would love to have you for our next round and you are able to enroll at any time.

You’ve got a ton of fight in you. Let’s work together to lose weight so you’ve got the best chance of beating cancer for good, and the most confidence possible as you go out and live your life to the fullest!

10 Day Plant-Based Challenge
Take the guesswork out of it! Enjoy 10 days of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner–that’s 21 recipes!–jam packed with nutrients that will give you more energy, less inflammation and improved blood pressure and cholesterol. PLUS, you will have access to our private Facebook Plant Based Group where you can stay motivated and encouraged.


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