Do you want to improve your patient care by providing exercise services on-site?

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance would love to work with your health care team to staff, train, and run a clinical exercise program at your location.

Hear directly from one of our satisfied clinical partners!

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has been the leader in Exercise Oncology since its inception in 2011.

  • Both the CoC and NAPBC include cancer rehabilitation as a required standard for an accredited cancer care program.
  • Professional Oncology organizations have made recommendations that all cancer patients should exercise during cancer treatment.
  • Physicians across the country are realizing the importance of exercise as an integral part of cancer recovery.
  • Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has a nationally-recognized program of exercise oncology that is safe and effective. By partnering with our organization, you have the opportunity to join this growing eld at an exciting time. Grow with us as we strive to change the lives of those battling cancer!
  • Our programs have proven cost savings for the patients, payers, and providers, in the form of reduced ER visits, 30-day readmits, and length of hospital stay.
  • Our unique phased system of exercise protects patient immunity and helps patients to thrive, even during cancer treatment.
  • Most patients who participate in our exercise oncology program nish chemotherapy stronger than when they began.
  • Our research demonstrates reduced symptom severity for patients during treatment. Patients experience lower levels of fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression, as well as improved overall quality of life.
  • We were awarded “Best in Health and Fitness” in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.