by Matt Stemley

Our mission at Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is to improve the quality-of-life for ANYONE who has EVER been diagnosed with cancer.

Today, we are featuring Karan Bunch, one of the patients at our Troy Cancer Center location in Ohio!  

Karan Bunch has been married to her husband for 36 years and has two children. She currently works in the payroll department as the assistant payroll manager at St. Claire Community College. She enjoys baking, decorating cakes, and playing bingo.

Karan’s diagnosis of breast cancer was shocking. She had no family history of anyone having this type of cancer. Before her diagnosis, she liked to do everything for her family. Her life shifted after being diagnosed with breast cancer because she was not able to do everything she wanted to. She said she has a great support system and her family has been super helpful.  

According to Karan, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance offers a good program for those you want to stay in shape. She likes the program because the exercise sessions are individualized to her and they are an appropriate level of difficulty. She enjoys attending each session because she likes the 1-on-1 contact. She likes working out in a different environment and using the different equipment available.

Karan told us she would recommend Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s program because it provides her with motivation to stay in shape and make progress with her fitness goals. She also said that this program helps boost her morale and shows her that she is not battling her diagnosis alone. So far, she has seen improvements in her strength, and she has been able to maintain her weight.

Karan has finished one 12-week phase at Maple Tree Cancer Alliance inTroy, and has seen the following improvements:

  1. + 8.12% in cardiovascular fitness
  2. + 30% in muscular endurance
  3. 350% increase in flexibility

It is our honor to serve you Karan!  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer we strongly encourage them to check-out our website ( and explore the location nearest them!