by Sara Rice

I would like to introduce one of the first patients Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has worked with from Moffitt Cancer Center, virtually.  

Caryn is a nurse currently working 13-hour shifts, 4 to 5 days every week, in addition to putting in hours at another part time job. Yet, she still carves out 1 hour every week to improve and take care of her health. She prioritizes health and commits to growing stronger every week. Even with her busy schedule, Caryn has never missed a session and always shows up ready to challenge herself! She is always asking when she can go up in weight, or reps and is eager to try something new. She is one of the first virtual patients from the Survivorship Clinic at Moffitt Cancer Center located in Tampa Florida. 

Since starting with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, she has seen significant improvements in balance, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. 

Even though Caryn lives 3 hours away from her cancer center, she still wanted to take advantage of this service offered to her. Through virtual programming we have been able to safely and effectively work on physical fitness and wellness from the comfort of her own home. 

Read what she has to say about our virtual programming-

I have been fortunate to utilize the services of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, working with a phenomenal trainer, Sara R. 

The exercises and challenges she has provided to me have improved my balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and overall physical and mental well-being. The accountability and consistency provides me with tools to enhance my health in between sessions as well. This opportunity to take advantage of their structured, well organized program has truly given me confidence and abilities I felt were diminished because of my diagnosis. 

Sara always comes prepared with new routines. She checks in on my progress and potential setbacks and individualizes exercises to target my identified needs. She works along with me and motivates me to do my best and go beyond. I am so thankful for Maple Tree and Sara’s commitment to restoring me to whole. 

Thank you for continuing your mission and may each and every cancer client be offered this valuable opportunity! 


Caryn Immler

Virtual programming is a great resource for those that do not live near their cancer center or do not want to fight traffic in urban areas to go onsite. When we first launched the virtual option one year ago, we didn’t know exactly how it would turn out. Well, Caryn is the prime example of how virtual programming can be effective, safe, and rewarding! 

Exercising virtually is more than just exercising at home, having an Exercise Oncology Instructor one-on-one provides accountability, encouragement, and individualized planning and feedback! An Exercise Oncology Instructor that provides safe challenges, and effective modifications is a worthwhile investment for anyone with a cancer diagnosis. 

With the transition into virtual programming we are able to serve more people without compromising the level of care we put into each and every person. Without an Exercise Oncology Instructor, the amount of success we’ve seen from virtual programming, would not be possible.

Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is now offering complimentary, virtual programming for Moffitt Cancer Center patients. 

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