Become a Certified Maple Tree Exercise Oncology Instructor.


See why you should become a Certified Maple Tree Exercise Oncology Instructor (EOI).


Do you have a current NCCA-accredited fitness professional certification? Do you have college degree in a health-related field? Are you in your final semester of course work for a health-related college degree? If you meet one or more of these requirements, you are eligible to pursue certification as a Maple Tree Exercise Oncology Instructor (EOI).



The Exercise Oncology Instructor (EOI) certification through Maple Tree Cancer Alliance will prepare and qualify an exercise professional to plan and implement safe and effective programs for individuals battling cancer. A certified EOI has the ability to develop and administer whole body exercises designed to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility for cancer survivors. In addition, the EOI will encourage exercise adherence to help improve health-related physical fitness and manage disease.


Cancer is a unique chronic disease that requires a specialized level of training for a health and fitness professional. Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s EOI certification will equip and empower you to develop safe and effective exercise programs based on current evidence-based standards for cancer survivors. EOI’s have a thorough understanding of cancer-related subject matter, including diagnosis and staging, etiology, treatment, toxicities, and remission. Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s EOI’s are able to adapt exercise programming to maintain a safe, yet effective environment for the cancer patient. This has the potential to improve health-related quality of life and treatment outcome.


EOI candidates must meet at least one of the following requirements to be eligible for the exam:

  • A current NCCA-accredited fitness professional certification, or
  • A college degree in a health-related field (or in their final semester of course work).
  • $499.00–includes all study-related materials
  • You may register for the exam by filling out the form below and submitting payment online. You may also submit payment through the mail. Maple Tree Cancer Alliance accepts money orders, checks, PayPal, and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).
  • After registering for an exam with Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, you will be sent an exam confirmation notice via email containing the link to your online certification exam.
We offer study materials to help you prepare for the EOI exam.

  • Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s Exercise Oncology Instructor Study Manual ($29.99 eBook/$45.00 Hard Cover)
  • Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s Exercise Oncology Instructor Training Videos ($29.99)

The Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s EOI exam is comprised on 100 multiple choice and true/false questions, proportionately sectioned to assess the content areas.

  • Required passing score: 80
  • Number of questions: 100
  • Time allowed: 2 hour maximum

To be awarded Maple Tree Cancer Alliance’s EOI credential, you must meet a minimum passing score of 80 or greater. Should you meet the minimum passing requirements, your certificate will be sent to you within two weeks of passing the examination. Should you fail to meet the minimum passing requirements, you may retake the exam. There is no limit to the number of times you may take the exam.

Your exam results will automatically be sent to Maple Tree Cancer Alliance within 24-hours for qualification and an official score will be determined.

If you do not meet the minimum passing score on the exam, you may reapply to take the exam again. Retake exam fees are $99.99 US and Canada, $299.99 international.

To reapply to take the exam, contact Maple Tree Cancer Alliance directly at 937-477-8213. After your request has been processed, you will receive a new certification exam link via email. No refunds are given for retake exam applications.

You are eligible for the retake exam fee for a period of six (6) months after you have taken your first exam. After this six (6) month period, you must submit the first-time candidate fee.


Objectives of EOI Examination

The Maple Tree Cancer Alliance Certified Exercise Oncology Instructor exam is designed to test potential candidate’s knowledge and comprehension in the areas of exercise oncology. It is intended to measure competency areas that are specific to the field of cancer exercise such as exercise physiology, fitness assessment, prescription and programming, and clinical and medical considerations. The corresponding level of practice being measured is a specialty certification in exercise as it relates to cancer patients.

Examination Specifics

The EOI exam is administered to candidates who wish to become certified in the specialty of exercise oncology. The exam length is approximately 2 hours with 100 scored questions and 24 unscored questions, all multiple choice. Every 3 years, the Exam Committee will meet to administer new questions and assure that current questions are up to par with the newest knowledge in the respective field.

Test Standardization

The standardization of this test will ensure validity and reliability among tests and test takers. Formatting in this way creates consistency across candidates to avoid diminishing validity and reliability.

Score and Weight


  • Candidates’ performance on the entire examination determines the pass-fail decision. Overall performance is reported on a standardized score scale ranging from 200-800 in increments of 1 point. The mean standardized score for first-time takers of this examination is 500 with a standard deviation of 100. For example, a score of 600 is one standard deviation above the mean of first time takers. Candidates with equal ability will achieve the same standardized score.


  • A standard setting was found for the score scale using the Modified Angoff Method. A committee of SMEs rated each question on the exam to independently estimate what proportion of “just sufficiently qualified” test takers will answer the questions correctly. Each question is discussed and averaged within the group, determining the average or standard setting.


  • Finally, each content area is weighted proportionally, based on their distributed on the total exam. In other words, some content areas are more important (thus, have more questions) and count more with respect to the overall score than other content areas. On the score report, candidates will receive their overall score, their pass/fail status, as well as a breakdown by each specific content area.

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