Since it began in 2011, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance (MTCA) has established a proven and effective system of exercise oncology, and is recognized as the leading authority in this field. Our goal is to partner internationally with clinical and community providers to add structure to, and systematize, the delivery of exercise services to cancer patients. This includes working with leaders to strengthen international acceptance of exercise oncology, sharing research and program outcomes with professional societies, and working together to strengthen data collection and research, system-wide. 

Together, we will establish best practice guidelines for the field of exercise oncology, worldwide.


Start-Up Phase.
The start-up phase of this program will include the training and administration of the MTCA Exercise Oncology Instructor Certification (EOI, accredited through the National Academy of Sports Medicine). 

We will provide our partners with training and materials needed to train and certify future healthcare professionals within the partner’s health network through our program, for the length of the license agreement. In addition, we will conduct trainings on our evidence-based system of exercise oncology, referral pathways, and quality-care guidelines. Finally, MTCA Branding and marketing materials will be shared.

On-Going Phase.
As part of our on-going commitment to the license agreement, we will continue to work with the partner on research projects, to provide on-going education, and to assist with growth, if our partners wish to develop other centers within their country or in their region. Our leadership team will also be available to provide guidance and answer questions, as needed.

International partners will have the opportunity to share in our cloud-based data management system to track client progress and participate in research opportunities. While this data management system is not mandatory to the international license agreement, it is strongly encouraged, as it will provide a true, one-of-a-kind experience for the healthcare team. As part of this system, the partner will have the ability to track and record all health and fitness-related variables and report this information via a HIPAA-compliant, a bi-directional direct messaging system. This allows the partner to securely connect to the physician, keep track of referrals, and monitor patient adherence and attrition rates. Further, the patient will have access to a personalized dashboard, where they can monitor their progress and complete exercise programming and videos shared with them through their healthcare team. Finally, this system has the ability to connect with wearable activity trackers, allowing the partner to track and report day-to-day fitness data. This system can be customized to include pathology, lab reports, and insurance data, as needed.

Additionally, we will send a leadership team to travel to the partner’s country for initial set-up and/or yearly checks, and/or recommend additional travel to the US for trainings. 

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“The work that the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance develops with patients undergoing cancer
treatment through Physical Activity. I used to have high blood pressure. My cardiologist
has even reduced medication after I started exercising. Thank you Maple Tree Brazil!”

– Norma, breast cancer survivor

“I’m here to express my gratitude to everyone at @mapletreebrasil, who, through the post-cancer physical recovery program, has given a new meaning to my life!”

– Cacilda, breast cancer survivor

“I feel better and better after starting at Maple Tree, but improving sleep quality was very important to me. Each reassessment is the realization that I am pushing my limits. What is my biggest plan for 2021? LIVE to the full.”

– Dora, cerebellar cancer survivor