“This program has helped me change my thinking in making what I eat really count nutritionally, how much I actually really need and the balance of nutrition (carbs, fats, and protein) throughout the day. It’s definitely been an eye-opener for me ~ but overall the changes in diet haven’t left me feeling deprived of the things I ate before. It’s been an excellent beginning of changes for me that I have needed to do for my health and well-being.”

“I highly recommend this program especially if you have had difficulty with losing weight or uncontrollable cravings. I am a bread, pasta, and dairy freak and didn’t think I could go without. However, this program was so easy and I haven’t thought about any of those foods once! You learn to make wise food choices, you are never hungry, nor have any cravings. Love the fitness Pal app it really keeps you on track. This is one of the best things I have done!”

“In two short weeks, I feel better about myself than I have since my cancer diagnosis a year and a half ago. My clothes are already fitting better and I feel healthier. I am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle after the program.”

“Love this program and the meals are so so helpful! They make me full so I don’t overeat.”

“I truly appreciate what this program does to motivate me to think differently about food. I intend to continue beyond the four weeks. I would love to give back to Maple Tree for this opportunity.”

“This group has been so helpful. It was difficult the first week as I realized healthy eating requires planning. I learned much about myself and my eating habits. I plan to continue eating this way and using my fitness pal. Still learning what to eat within the perimeters.”

“I feel that the workouts are perfect for me as a survivor. I am able to complete all sessions without any discomfort. I love to walk and hate to strengthen my bones and muscles. These exercises are so critical to your long term bone care with the medications used to treat breast cancer. Love them.”

“Have really enjoyed this program. If I can give up Gluten, dairy and sugar….. Believe me ANYBODY CAN! Love the meal plans and New recipes. The program makes me more aware of what I am eating and when. I plan to continue this program even when the 4 weeks are finished. It has been so helpful. I am so grateful to Maple tree Cancer alliance for both this program but also the structured exercise program with personal trainer. I am willing to help anyway I can.”

“I struggle with my chest muscles post surgery but I didn’t feel restricted in anyway with these exercises.”

“Yes, was able to incorporate some recipes, but really just reading them helped me focus my eating. Paying more attention to labels, serving sizes and WHAT I’m putting into my body.”

“Yes! The recipes have helped a TON with healthy yummy options and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself.”

“Survivor strong has helped me be more aware of what it is like to be gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. It’s helped me to be a more healthy eater within a month’s time. I feel I am capable to continue some of the habits I am forming a after the challenge is over.”

“I would highly recommend the program. It was easier than I expected especially given no gluten, dairy or sugar. loved the recipes. I plan to continue plan even after the 4 weeks. It has been very doable and has made me more aware of wise food choices.”

“I exercise. It was hard at first since I was in such bad shape. You have made such a difference. I was so weak I couldn’t take care of my granddaughter.”

“I have been blessed to have Ashley as a trainer for exercise- she is wonderful! She is super smart and goes above and beyond every visit.”

“I have used both the exercise and nutrition services. I was able to meet with Jane and discuss nutrition strategies. She would call or text to help me stay on track. I have really used the exercise services. I am very thankful for Trent. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“[Maple Tree] taught me about strength training. Kept me motivated during chemo which I think helped with side effects.”

“[Maple Tree]  has helped me make exercise a lifestyle and has helped me regain strength after double mastectomy. Jane also has helped tremendously with nutrition.”

“Improved energy level and fitness with a specialist that understands my surgeries who also pushes me “safely” where I would not have at all!”

“Positive changes include, paying attention to my nutrition and working out 4-5 days per week. Trent always encourages me to workout at the gym and we have talks about water consumption and eating right. I pay more attention to me and my health because of Maple Tree services.”

“I wish more people were aware of MTCA and what they do, and the positive impact they have on people’s lives.”

“I find [Maple Tree] to be one of the best things that a cancer patient could do to improve mental health.”

“Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is safe, free, life changing, inspiring and helps you as a whole person inside and out.”

“What an awesome opportunity this has been for me and all of the positive changes in my life because of what they do.”

“A super special place that helps anyone with cancer, find their way back to a stronger and better person.”

“There are qualified professionals seeking to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients thru personal training, nutrition counseling and spiritual development.”

“A non-profit with a bang! “Free” care for cancer patients by people who understand how our minds and bodies have been altered from chemicals, surgeries and emotional toll. They are the life line to post cancer life or life with cancer!”