MTCA Exercise Oncology Instructor

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality: No information submitted to MTCA will be released to a third party without authorization from the candidate. Examination scores are confidential and will not be disclosed unless specific written permission to do so is provided by the candidate prior to the exam, a specific written request to do so is received by the candidate after completion of the exam, or by subpoena or court order. Candidates must also indicate in writing the specific person or organization to whom the scores should be released.

MTCA verifies, upon request, the status of all individuals that have passed their respective examination and maintain their current certification status.

MTCA allows all currently certified individuals to make their contact information available to public searches via the MTCA EOI Finder. Currently certified professionals need to request, or “opt-in,” to be included in this searchable database. Further details and instructions can be found by following the EOI Finder links in the certification section of the MTCA website.