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When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it presents a host of unique challenges. Typically, the type of cancers that develop in children are different than those that develop in adults, in that they are often are the result of a DNA mutation rather than environmental or life style risk factors. Children also tend to respond better to anti-cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation. However, long-term side effects are common in children, often requiring follow-up care and lifestyle intervention for the rest of their lives.

Research indicates that proper nutrition and regular physical activity will help a pediatric cancer survivor continue to grow and develop properly. Therefore, we offer an 8-week program of structured, individualized exercise training, as well as an educational component for caregivers, covering such topics as exercise guidelines for childhood cancer survivors and healthy nutrition practices.

Activities will include vegetable gardening, interactive cooking demonstrations, tips on eating healthy on a budget, fitness demonstrations, yoga classes, and more. Overall, the primary focus would be on helping families return to a normal life that emphasizes overall wellness and physical activity.

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