It’s always great a reminder and encouragement to hear from a Maple Tree patient, who has now also become a dear friend.

This is Lynn’s story:

Lynn Zimmerman is a science teacher who LOVES biology more than anything in the world (and has thousands of fun little biology factoids!), and also has a passion for travel.

Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2016. She has been cancer free since June of 2017, but only after undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and having a double mastectomy.

Lynn was very concerned about lymphedema and initially was hesitant about joining Maple Tree because she was very unsure of how many exercises she could realistically perform safely without aggravating her lymphedema or her cerebral palsy. Fortunately, Lynn’s radiation oncologist recommended that she start the exercise program at Maple Tree!

Fast forward 3-years.

Lynn has been working out and GETTING stronger and enjoys the customized exercise programming that allows her to make progress while also staying safe! Since starting the Maple Tree program, Lynn has experienced an increase of 20.71% in her cardiovascular health, an increase of 138.1% in her muscular endurance, an increase of 35.71% in her flexibility and improved her muscular strength on her cerebral palsy affected side by 30%! (ALL without any complications from lymphedema!!)

But the funny thing is that Lynn actually doesn’t like exercising at all.

When we asked her why she said: “I don’t like exercising, but continuing with the program helps keep me motivated to live a healthier, more active life. Exercise has helped me feel better both physically and emotionally!”

The knowledge that exercise is beneficial and was safe for her was a major factor in Lynn continuing to exercise. So much so that Lynn even went out and purchased a gym membership!

We asked Lynn if she had any other remarks and this is what she said: “Maple Tree is an amazing organization which helps people with a wide range of abilities to persevere through an extremely challenging time in their lives.”

Lynn, we are truly honored to work with you and thrilled for your continued success.