Program Overview

Welcome to Getting Started! I am so glad you have decided to take charge of your health and wellness journey by joining us!

This class is structured in such a way that you can go through the material at your own pace.

I do recommend, however, spending enough time on each module before moving on to the next. This will ensure that you are clear and focused on your goals and plan, helping you see maximum results!

Here is what you can expect as you go through this course.

  • There is one workbook you can download at the start of this class.
  • This course is divided into a total of 8 modules.
  • Each Module has an instructional video with it. Each module follows along with the downloadable workbook.
  • All modules build off of the one before it. Therefore, go through each module, one at a time and complete each exercise before moving on to the next module

Lets get started!

Program Modules