Maple Tree exists to improve the quality of life for those walking through cancer treatment


by Emily Goodpaster The time of year is coming where we hear the phrase “NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION” more times than we can count. I think setting goals is a great and very important way to start your workout journey (or any journey)! [...]

November 17th, 2021|

The “RIGHT” time, the “RIGHT” way, with only HALF the allotted recommendation

by Matt Stemley Let’s just get right to the meat and potatoes…THERE IS NO “PERFECT” TIME.  But there is a “right” time.  The “right” time to start is WHEN THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF.  Now, we have worked with enough individuals to know [...]

November 3rd, 2021|

Resistance Exercise

by Kaleb Holbrook Resistance training is an exercise that focuses on the contraction of a muscle against resistance. Resistance training helps for many different reasons. The main reasons being to increase one’s muscular endurance, strength, and power of the active muscles. Resistance [...]

October 25th, 2021|

Chemotherapy tips

by Ben Kutz Are you wondering what some helpful tips and tricks might be to get through chemotherapy a bit easier from survivors who have been through it? Some of the patients we are serving at UPMC gave us some helpful pointers [...]

October 11th, 2021|

It’s pumpkin season!

by Emily Goodpaster If you're anything like me, this time of year means you want everything pumpkin!!! Everything around seems to be pumpkin donuts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin coffee, etc. So I am here today to share a healthier pumpkin bread recipe! This [...]

October 6th, 2021|